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Could Pornography be the #1 secret sin within the church?

If recent surveys are correct, as many as 50% of the men and 20% of the women within the local church could be addicted to Internet Pornography.

The accessibility, affordability and anonymity of internet pornography have left many good men and women within the local church wounded and spiritually disarmed.

Pastor, imagine if these same men and women no longer hindered by their sexual sin were able to pursue a passionate, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. There’s no telling what they could accomplish for the cause of Christ.

At Unshackled Ministries we want to assist you and your ministry staff in helping individuals and families within your church overcome the most destructive issue facing our generation today.

We are available to come and speak to your men’s group, women’s group, youth group or congregation. This can be anything from a 30 minute talk to a full two day conference.

Pastor, at Unshackled Ministries we feel a strong calling and commitment to serve you by providing Christ centered resources and services to effectively minister to those within your church who may be struggling with an addiction to pornography.

To schedule Unshackled Ministries at your church or for more information on how Unshackled Ministries can help you please email us at info@unshackledministries.org

Pastors Get X3Pure for Free

Pastor, at Unshackled Ministries we offer a confidential online workshop through X3 Pure. X3Pure is happy to provide a free X3Pure account for Pastors to allow them to review the workshops. Please contact X3Pure to get one for your church. All they ask is that you use it only for your internal review and approval process.

When emailing X3 Pure to request the pastoral account be sure to include the name, address, phone number and website of the church where you serve on staff.

Church Partnership information:

EMAIL: support@x3pure.com 
(702) 974-1690




This groundbreaking DVD/CD, confronts the darkness and lies of pornography with compelling honesty and hope.

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A practical, detailed plan for beating sexual immorality, Every Man’s Battle will help you find freedom from your past, embody purity today, and overcome temptation in the future.

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Finding True Freedom from the Bondage of Sexual Addiction

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A Wife's Guide to Healing in the Wake of a Husband's Sexual Sin

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